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Family History, Simplified.

Do family history in just a few minutes. Quickly see what to work on and get help finding new information.

Less Searching, More Finding

With Premium, our Kinpoint Guide shows problems in your family tree and finds records for missing information

4 Occupations
  • Farmer
  • Baker
  • Miner
  • Stone Cutter

Love to Grow Things?

So did your ancestors. Discover your ancestors occupations with the Explore Summary.

Country of Origin
4 Countries
  • Switzerland
  • United States
  • England
  • Ireland

Love Mountains?

Maybe its in your blood. See where your ancestors came from with the Explore Summary.

Go Back in Time

See photos, stories and the events from a person’s life with Memories and Timeline.

What's Missing In Your Family Tree?

We make it easy to do Family History. Login with your FamilySearch account and see what to work on.

Kinpoint is a FamilySearch Certified Partner

Family History in 15 Minutes or Less

Find Work

Locate missing vital information or ordinances in Explore.

Do Research

Discover resources and records to find the missing information.

Update Information

Quickly add the information for the person in FamilySearch.

Let Us Guide You

With Premium, the Kinpoint Guide shows you data problems in your family tree and record matches for information you are missing.

Finding family history has never been faster.

"A remarkable tool for the hobbyist and professional alike."

Karen S.

"One of my favorite new products from @RootsTechConf"

"@Kinpoint It just keeps on getting better and better..."

Take Names to the Temple

If you are a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints,
we’ll help you find temple work to do for your ancestors.

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Basic Premium
Explore, Family, Memories and Timeline Views
Missing Vital Information and Ordinances
Family, Age, Birth Date, Work and Military Summaries
Problems: Timeline, Duplicate and Cleanup
Sources: Information Unverified by Records
Matches: Record Matches for Information that’s Missing
Price Free $4.99/mo

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