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Frequently Asked Questions

How are you a FamilySearch partner?
Kinpoint is a FamilySearch Certified Partner. That means FamilySearch makes sure your privacy and your data are protected on our site. You can verify this by visiting the FamilySearch App Gallery.

Why doesn’t Kinpoint display the changes I just made in FamilySearch?
Sometimes, information is updated in FamilySearch but has not been picked up by Kinpoint yet. To get the latest information, just click the refresh icon in the left sidebar.

What are multiple marriage events?
Multiple marriage events are when there are multiple dates and/or places for the marriage of a couple. To fix these problems, click on the FamilySearch icon in the left sidebar, then click the "Edit Couple" link for the marriage in question. Once you've removed the extra events, click the refresh icon to update Kinpoint with the latest information.

What do the colors in the Explore view mean?
The background colors indicate the ancestral line of the person you are looking at. If the person appears on a gray background, there are items to be completed, based on your settings.

How do I explore to my spouse?
The easiest way to explore or navigate to your spouse is to select yourself, then click Family. Now you can click on your spouse and start looking around their tree.

How can I see descendants of my ancestors?
You can view the children of an ancestor by clicking on the Family view. Click on any child and you will be taken to their family.

How is my credit card protected?
Kinpoint uses Stripe to handle credit card transactions. Stripe is certified as a PCI Service Level 1 Provider. Your sensitive credit card data is never seen by Kinpoint servers.

How do I manage my subscription?
View your current subscription status by clicking on the settings icon in the upper right corner of the page. There you can upgrade to Kinpoint Premium or cancel your subscription. Cancelled subscriptions will continue through the month or year that’s been paid for and then automatically switch to a free Kinpoint Basic account.